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My new creation (outfit post) / Moja nova kreacija (odjevna kombinacija)

Is it possible that it the last day of Summer today? It doesn't feel like it is, not just because I have a feeling that the high temperatures and the blazing sun have gotten mixed up with every single molecule I'm composed of, but because nothing will change dramatically tomorrow. That I won't be walking into a classroom tomorrow feels quite odd. I still remember that 'back to school' excitement. Great part of that feeling was also about being able to remiscent about Summer and to some level even brag about it to our fellow students.  When you're young, every Summer seems unforgettable and unique. When you're a little older, you learn a little secret.... Summer doesn't have to end . We can keep it in our heart. That feeling of freedom and uniqueness can be yours, if you dare to claim it. Try something new every day, that is the best way to keep that feeling of freedom in your heart. Take this necklace I made for example. I went for simplicity and se