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Fashion illustration of the day (true red) / Modna ilustracija dana (istinska crvena)

Every colour has both positive and negative connotations and so is the case with red. As a colour it is associated with action, be it a romantic or hostile. It is the colour of movement and it is said that it can even raise our energy levels. That is why it is used for traffic signs and as a sign of warning. It is a colour that grabs our attention. However, it is also said that being exposed to too much red can cause us to feel irritated. This is a colour that doesn't allow us to be indifferent. Red. The colour of love and passion.  It is all the rave on the Valentine's day. Red planet. The god of war.  Red has its sinister meaning as well. Red is the colour of influence. Supposedly, red can boost our appetite so restaurants use in their decor. Still, it is not recommended to use too much of it in inner décor. Red is an interesting colour, that’s for sure. In many cultures it is considered a sign of good luck. Moreover, in many cultures red is traditionally the colour of brida