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Split city (outfit post)/ Split (odjevna kombinacija)

Again I'm posting old photos, in this case beach photos from the last summer (this year my health was so-so which resulted in almost no beach days). Nevertheless, I do really like these photographs so I've decided this is as good time as any to share them. Obviously this is a beach outfit (as you can guess from neon orange bikini straps) but this vintage LBD has served me well many times. In fact it has been washed so many times it is kind of changing its colour from black to dark grey. Great thing about Split is that you don't have to leave the city in order to find a nice beach. All the ones in the city are really lovely and the sea is always so clean.  Still, if you want absolute piece and quiet, choosing one of Croatian islands would be the right thing to do.However, if you like cities (and some people cannot do without them), remember that there are cities that have managed to find the balance between the natural and