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How To Make a Straw Bag From Things You Already Have at Home?

Today I'm sharing a blog post that has been in my archives for quite some time. I tend to prepare blog posts with DIY projects (arts & crafts) when I have the time to put them together. It so happened that I forgot about this one. I'm posting itnow because I believe it's simply perfect for summer. I hope you will find it enjoyable. This project is about making a straw bag from a regular fabric bag (you can also use a tote bag). I'm happy to finally share this project with you.  This is actually a very simple DIY. It won't take a lot of your time and it doesn't require advanced sewing skills or anything like that.  All you need for this DIY project: 1. A bag made from a material you can sew through (preferably a bag made of some kind of fabric) 2. Straw table mat ( if you don't have it at home you can buy it in most stores) 3. Needle and thread (so you can saw the table mat onto the bag) The idea of this DIY is that is only temporary. Once