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Phantom in the Opera...and all that glitter---Fantom u operi i sav taj sjaj...

Phantom in the Opera is a novel I would recommend any day. Now, that also reminds me of the days when Tara and Nightwish were an item (Any comments on that anyone?)...But what that has to do with my post? Well, I've spend the evening in the Opera so there is that but mostly I just wanted an excuse to recommend the book to you. Seriously, if you have loved the film (not to mention the opera), you'll be crazy about the book. I've a bad cold but it would take a lot more to keep me from the opening night of one of my favourite Croatian operas. Long story short, I always cry at opera. Not a little....Not like I shed a tear in a discrete way or  look all cultured and gentle (like the cool way the pretty women aka Julia Roberts did it), but literally I cry my eyes out...which is weird because I never cry at movies...or plays...It's kind of embarrassing. On the upper side, I had the change to wear my gold glittery shoes. Remember that DIY project? It's on the blog somew

baby street style Split