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Let's Talk About Art and Fashion

What to talk about today? About art or about fashion? About this Parisian chic outfit I'm wearing, or about an interesting oil painting that I'm working on? Maybe about both? I was just thinking how there are many similarities between art and fashion. In both art and fashion, one can find both sophistication and vulgarity, passion and calmness, elegance and roughness, tradition and rebellion. Within these contrasts, we look for ourselves. I don't think there are any wrong or right answers, I think there are only answers that are right at a certain point of your lives. We look for ways to express ourselves. Yin and Yang. Darkness and Light. Sometimes it is through contrasts that we learn. Sometimes things are black and white, sometimes they are gray. We live, we adjust and we search for meaning. Clothes are often seen as something non important or superficial. Sometimes people are  ashamed to admit that clothes interest them. Makes one think, doesn't it? Art is seen a