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How to wear a scarf in more ways than one? (outfit post) / Kako nositi šal na više od jednog načina? (odjevna objava)

Two ways to wear a scarf. Nothing revolutionary. If you want more inspiration, you will have to click this old  post  of mine. The first suggestion I'm trowing your way is just tieing a scarf in a bow. Nice, simple and bound to give every outfit a feminine touch. Do you agree? The other way is to secure a scarf with a belt. You must have took notice of  'belted scarf' trend last year. I think we will be seeing it in the upcoming Autumn and Winter season as well. I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone and wear more black, but even when I choose an all black outfit, I feel a need for accessories that will be anything but.   Dva načina za nositi šal. Ništa revolucionarno. Želite li više nadahnuća, morati ćete otići na ovu moju staru objavu . Moj prvi prijedlog je da jednostavno zavežete šal u mašnu. Lijepo, jednostavno i sigurno će dati svakoj odjevnoj kombinaciji notu ženstvenosti. Slažete li se? Drugi način je učvrstiti šal na mjestu s remenom. Sigurno ste primije