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a little bit of sun hasn't killed anyone.... malo sunca nije nikad nikoga ubilo...

Today is sunny...finally after all that rain (and internet connection problems) we have a lovely sunny day. Lately people have been talking a lot about the protection against the sun. Don't get me wrong...we do need to protect ourselves from the harmful aspects of sunbathing...However, sun is also the source of vitamins...and a sunny day will always make us feel better. I think we should find a balance. Don't run away from the sun in panic but don't overdo it either. Find what is the best option for your skin tone and don't be afraid to get a tan (in a healthy way). This photograph was taken last summer on my favourite beach in Split (five minutes from my parent's flat in Split), right next to the hotel Split...and what about you? do you love sunbathing? U zadnje vrijeme ljudi pričaju puno o zaštiti protiv sunca. Naravno, moramo se zaštiti od štetnih utjecaja sunca i to je važno i sve to stoji...Ipak, sunce je također i izvor vitamina, a kada je sunčano uvijek s