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How To Style a Red Midi Dress With Ruffles? Summer in the City

Before I focus on fashion aspect of this post and start to talk volumes about this gorgeous coral red dress, I'm going to give you a little health update and explain my absence. Unfortunately, recovering from a  failed thyroplasty implant surgery is taking longer than I expected. To add insult to injury, I was feverish for the last few days. It seems that I have also caught a bad cold, and that is probably why I was feeling so dreadful last week. It's just my luck, to catch a cold during my first postoperative week. This morning I have finally felt a bit better (yessss!), and I went to see another doctor who told me that I was not a good candidate for this surgery but what is done is done. No point in crying over spoiled milk. Now I should really focus on recovering and getting better. Even if I decide on it, another operation will have to wait a few months. It might all sound like a complete catastrophe, but I'm a firm believer that we can and should learn from every expe