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What does a woman want? (outfit post)/ Što žena želi? (odjevna kombinacija)

"The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is what a women wants?" Sigmund Freud
When I had read one voluminous book (the one about dreams) by our dear Freud , what I enjoyed most about it was the way he mind works. He was as curious as a little child and I think that is a good quality to have. We should be hungry for knowledge, for life and for love.
Therefore, perhaps it is a good thing that we women are sometimes mysterious or even that we want so many things. We are complex creature and there is nothing wrong with that...never let alone tell you there is. xoxo

colours (outfit post) / boje (odjevna kombinacija)

Yesterday I watched a fascinating documentary about colours. Supposedly, lots of animals see more colours than we do...I do wonder what the world looks like for them...alas, I will never know. Perhaps in the future some mad scientist will invest cool glasses that allow us to see things we haven't seen before (in terms of colour) and the fashion world will never be the same....who knows what awaits us in the future?

...and speaking of colours I  love to watch birds. I'm always fascinating by how gorgeous they are, especially the colourful ones. Yesterday in the documentary I told you about they showed a bird that has feather pigmentation that comes off when soaked in water- luckily the natural water does her no harm ( the bird lives in rain forest), but if you dipped her feather in the pipe water, the colour would come off....Interesting how everything in nature is so perfectly balanced.

Once I read ( I think it was in Dylan Dog's comic books from all places) that bird wat…

Split (photography) / Split / (fotografija)

I will never get tired of this city. In my eyes it will always be perfect. Here are some photos that I have taken this morning. xoxo

Nikad se neću umoriti od ovog grada. U mojim očima uvijek će biti savršen. Evo nekih fotografija koje sam snimila jutros. Pozdrav
How are you my darlings? I'm all nice, cozy, sleepy and happy to have put some things (that needed to be done) behind me...Finishing up another Amos Oz's novel and wondering at the effortlessness with which he writes and the mastery he seems to have with the words, but at the same time I have to say that I love the writers that seems to struggle with writing, the ones that you have a feeling gave everything into it...but before going further with this, I'll just cut it you can see, Aba ( Malena didn't stick- long story) is so adorable that I will forgive her for all the marks that her paws and teeth have made on my skin, but as I said this breed requires some attention.

The shirt is DIY and this lovely bag was a, the shorts...I've found them in the closet and then my mum said " Hey, I wore that shorts in my post natal phase." Thanks mum! Really, this is what you wore after you gave birth?... but whatever doubts they might raise, …

Park prirode Hutovo blato( fotografija) / Nature Park Hutovo blato (photography=

I have showed you this place before, but one more time it won't hurt.
Već sam vam pokazivala ovo mjesto, ali još jednom neće naškoditi.

Croatian designers...Hrvatski dizajneri

Photographs are from  fashion. hr (croatian fashion site) and  I've selected a few pieces that I think are a really good choice for the summer ( and some of them are on sale, so if any of you have some shopping to do...)

Fotografije su sa fashion hr-a, a izabrala sam par komada za koje mislim da su baš odlični za ljeto (  na popustu su ako netko od vas planira kupovinu...).

No. 1 Alexandar Žarevac

These pants are by Alexandar Žarevac and I find them to be really interesting. They remind me a bit of the Lara Croft and the nineties. I think that they could be styled in many different ways. Stripes are obviously a big trend right now, but this version of them looks original. What do you think?

Ove hlače Alexandra Žarevaca su mi baš zanimljive. Malo me podsjećaju na Laru Croft i devedesete. Mislim da ih se može nositi na više načina. Pruge su očito veliki trend sada, ali ova verzija mi je baš nekako orginalna. Što vi mislite?

No. 3 Aleksandra Dojčević

Aleksandra Dojčević...This is just s…

Summer Sunday (outfit post) / Ljetna nedjelja

Summer days.... I love summer so everything about being wearing no make up...Is there anything that beats weekend in the summer time? Summer Sunday, now that even sounds  good! How was your Sunday? I've finished mine with a nice long walk with my puppy. She is so full of energy that I have to walk her a lot...and already I work with her, training her every day, which I don't mind because I really like animals. Besides, one day she will be a really big dog and I must be able to handle her by then....btw I really like this top so much, my mum made it...isn't she great? xoxo

If you have any questions or want to comment on

Kako volim ljeto! stalno biti nositi šminku...Ima li što bolje od vikenda ljeti? Ljetna nedjelja...kako to dobro zvuči:)  Kakva je bila vaša nedljela? Moje je završila sa lijepom dugom šetnjom sa malom vučkom. Tako je puna energije da je moram često šetati...i već sam počela …

summer hats/ ljetni šeširi

Summer hats...they seem to be the appropriate topic for the first day of summer. I start to wear them as early as April...What do you think about them? Do you wear them? I plan to buy a few more as I find them to be very practical.

Ljetni šeširi...čini se kao dobra tema za prvi dan ljeta. Ja ih počinjem nositi već tamo u travnju... Što vi mislite o njima? Nosite li ih? Planiram kupiti još par jer su mi jako praktični....

Spalato... nel cuore della costa dalmata....

(sorry today's post is only in Italian) 
Che dire di Spalato? Mi stancherò mai di questa città.  Spalato è un luogo da vedere....Oggi voglio condividere con voi le mie fotografie ... e alcuni fatti da la mia città.
Spalato (in croatoSplit), dal latino Salonae Palatium. ( La Spalato romana è rappresentata dallo sfarzoso palazzo dell'imperatoreDiocleziano, fatto costruire nel 295-304 d.C.)

Spalato è capoluogo della regione spalatino-dalmata, principale centro della Dalmazia e seconda città del Paese ( Il primo è Zagabria, la capitale). Spalato è anche sede universitaria e arcivescovile.

Spalato è famosa soprattutto per il Palazzo di Diocleziano, la porta Aurea e la cattedrale con il suo celebre campanile.