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How To Style a Faux Fur Scarf And/Or a Faux Fur Stole?

I wanted to write about faux fur scarves for a while and today I have finally found time to finish off this post and hit the publish button. Why is this topic so interesting to me? If you're a regular visitor, you'll know that I'm a big fan of scarves. I'm also quite keen on shawls, wrap ups and stoles. If you ask me, they are all fabulous. Moreover, I believe that scarves, shawls, wraps ups and stoles make for the perfect winter accessories. Not only do they add that extra special something to our outfit, they also keep us warm. I think I wrote about how a nice scarf can make our outfit look more feminine and elegant at least a number of times. Why should faux fur scarf be an exception? Faux fur scarves and stoles come in a variety of styles. Finding one that suits our style isn't terribly difficult, is it? Since their rise in popularity, it is certainly easier  to choose a faux fur scarf that fits our personal style. If you like minimalist fashion, go for a o