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 Hello! Time for another TRAVEL WITH MY ART FEATURE . This one is going to be a bit different because I'm going to share three paintings instead of one. So, it will be twenty-fourth, twenty- fifth and twenty-sixth post in this category all rolled into one. Moreover, since these three paintings all focus on different locations, we'll be travelling (with my art) to different places. Nevertheless, we won't exactly venture into the unknown as all of the locations we're going to visit are in Croatia. So far I have mostly shared art inspired by Croatia for this feature. Paint what you know best, they say. Croatia is what I know best since that is where I'm from. It makes sense to keep painting the scenery I'm most familiar with. Today was a sunny day (second in the row), so I took the opportunity to photograph this paintings. Let's get started. Scroll down to see my new landscapes. Zdravo! Vrijeme je za još jedno PUTOVANJE S MOJOM UMJETNOŠĆU (poveznice na stare ob