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Hello, how are you doing? Welcome to another Friday Fashion Illustration . I'm continuing with my fashion illustration series even if I'm currently more involved into landscape and portrait painting. Sometimes I'll skip a week but I do try to keep this feature alive. In fact, I skipped it last week because I was on a medically motivated trip to Split, Croatia and just didn't have the time to post. Last Tuesday, however, I returned to Mostar and to my art making work regime. This morning I got up a bit earlier to sketch something nice for today. I found an old photograph of mine and used it as a reference for this fashion illustration. I like to challenge myself and draw different poses. I think it's as a  good way to improve one's fashion illustrating skills as any. I changed the outfit a little bit, though. The floral pink dress from this illustration is a bit shorter than something I would normally wear (unless I'm heading for the beach or something) but