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 The time has finally arrived for you to find out where I'm living and working at the moment. I'm no longer in Umag, but I'm still in Istria region. I'm currently located on island Krk, Croatia. What a beautiful island it is! Every day I wake up surrounded by beautiful views.  What can one say about the beauty of Kvarner Gulf? Sometimes the words fail us. My history with Kvarner goes way back.  I actually lived in Rijeka for a  period in my life. That was back when I was younger and worked as a flight attendant. My airline's offices were based there, so I often visited Rijeka  even when I moved back home. This was all a long time ago, but being in Istria again makes me recall it. Funny how life sometimes gives you opportunity to return and revisit a place special to you. What can I say about island Krk? It's an absolutely beautiful island to start with. I hope I'll have the time to explore it in detail soon. So long I have been to busy to do that, but maybe