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Valentine's day outfit / Odjevna kombinacija za Valentinovo

This is what I wore for Valentine's Day. It was a suprisingly warm day. Windy, but not cold at all.  I didn't even need a jacket or a coat. Originally, we had planned a getaway, but in the morning a friend called my husband, asking him to help him with finding a wedding saloon for his son's wedding.  Getaway cancelled.  Ovo sam nosila za Valentinovo. Bilo je iznenađujuće toplo. Vjetrovito, ali nimalo hladno. Nije mi bila potrebna ni jakna ni kaput. Zapravo smo planirali negdje otići, ali ujutro je prijatelj zvao moga muža da mu pomogne pronaći salu za sinovo vjenčanje. Planovi otkazani.  I was hoping for a relaxing day, but we ended up with just a few hours for ourselves. I'm not complaining, at least we got to spend some time together and some people don't even managed to do that. Instead of going somewhere, we just hanged out in town and took these photographs. How was your Valentine's day? Nadala sam se provesti opuštajući dan, a na