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Why we should always listen to doctors and medical professionals? Health update + a fashion illustration of the day/ Zašto trebamo uvijek slušati doktore i medicinsko osoblje? Zdravlje + modna ilustracija dana

MY FIRST CHRON OPERATION AND MY WEIGHT GAIN AFTER THE OPERATION: MOJA PRVA OPERACIJA KRONA I DOBITAK KILOGRAMA NAKON OPERACIJE : I have had my first Chron operation about a month and half ago. Prior to that (this Summer and Autumn to be more precise), I struggled with weight loss and high fever that lasted for months, as well as other symptoms of Chron disease. Recently, I was able to gain some weight back (4 pounds) and naturally people are curious about it.  How did I manage to gain the weight back? Well, I did it by following advice from my doctors. This is something I believe in. We should be grateful to doctors and medical professionals that care of us. Furthermore, we should follow their advice- they know what they are talking about, as they have both theoretical and practical experience to fall back on.  Prije otprilike mjesec  i pol  dana imala sam prvu operaciju odstranjivanja dijela crijeva (vezanu uz Kronovu bolest). Prije toga (ovoga ljeta i jeseni da budem