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oil paints (recap) / Uljane boje (presjek)

I love painting with oil paints. I don't consider them to be obsolete or old-fashioned. On the contrary, for me oil paints are timeless. They have a special quality to them, a warmness that can't be matched. Sure they take forever to dry, cost a pretty penny, have an intense smell and they are an absolute nightmare to clean, but I love them. Today I'm sharing my favourite oil paintings from this year. All of these paintings are very dear to me. The first one literally took me months to complete. It is a painting of one famous old church in Starigrad that happens to be the oldest city on the island Hvar (see the making of post   here ) and I worked very hard trying to capture that softness sunlight in Dalmatia has. I gave this canvas to friends of mine. Other paintings I selected today are all paintings of women, some inspired by mythological figures, some by real women. Volim slikati uljanim bojama. Ne smatram ih zastarjelim ili staromodnim. Za mene su uljane boje be