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Showing posts from May 25, 2014

Split city (an illustration and photography)/ grad Split (ilustracija i fotografija)

If I write something, I fear it will happen, and if I love too much, I fear I will lose that person; nevertheless, I cannot stop writing or loving...” 
― Isabel AllendePaula

Today I have been sewing (embroidery) so much that I'm literally in pain right now. I can barely move my right hand. Still, it was worth it. Like most of my hobbies, sometimes it really helps me to clear my head...and not every pain is a bad one...and as Isabel Allende notices, it's hard to stop doing something that you love...

Danas sam šivala cijeli dan (vez) tako da me sada ruke stvarno bole, desnom jedva mičem. Ipak vrijedilo je. Kao većina mojih hobija, ponekad mi stvarno pomaže razbistriti misli...i kao što Isabel Allende primjećuje, teško je prekinuti raditi nešto što voliš...