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Hello readers and fellow bloggers! How are you doing? Today I'm taking you to Dalmatino restaurant in Split city. What to wear to a summer date? This outfit is my answer to that question because if you ask me, you simply cannot go wrong with a statement dress and a pair of comfortable sandals. If you want to feel comfortable and still look attractive and feminine, then a statement dress is the way to go, especially if you are a fan of dresses. Pair it with a crossover bag and sandals for a practical and easy but still a chic summer styling. If you don't feel comfortable in a dress, then you choose shorts or pants and wear a red statement top. In fact, sometimes I wear a skirt over this dress so that it becomes a red top with statement sleeves. I'm a big fan of the statement sleeve trend, you know. I just find it so feminine and chic. Statement and ruffled sleeves are a great way to add some fashion drama- and fashion drama is the only kind of drama I like on this little pla