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Heart shaped necklace (outfit post)/ Ogrlica u obliku srca (odjevna kombinacija)

It's finally time for you to see how I styled this DIY heart necklace ( I know I promised it two weeks ago but I had some technical problems). You can find the tutorial about the making of this environmentally friendly necklace here.  For those interested in that kind of information, the photographs for this post were taken in Mostar, about two weeks ago. The weather is this extremely warm, but fortunately Mostar has a lot of shade (where one can seek when the sun becomes too strong.) One of advantages to blogging is the possibility of making interesting friends. My blog allowed me to make friends with this adorable duck family in Mostar. They will be featured in this post so you can get to meet them if you already haven't met them. They are so adorable that I will gladly forgive them the stealing of the spotlight;) If you look closely you can see them even in my close ups. Vrijeme je da konačno vidite kako sam nosila ovu srcoliku ogrlicu koju sam sama napravila (znam