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Time really flies when you're having fun. We've certainly been blessed with some wonderful experiences in 2020. I can't believe that it is already time to say goodbye to the first month of the new year. If you haven't been around blog this month, don't worry. I have decided to put together a little January recap. January was quite a busy month for modaodaradosti blog. I ended up publishing twenty posts (not counting this one). Scroll down to see what I have been up to this January.  1. I started January with  happy 2020 wishes full recap of year 2019. It took me many many hours to put this post together and include all the links to all the post I published in 2019 but it was also fun to do this post because it gave me a chance to reflect on my blogging year. 2. My next post was all about experiencing  winter fairy tale in hotel Snježna Kuća near Mostar . I loved putting this post together because I really loved visiting this place. 3. Climbing the fortre


Hello dear readers! Time for another Fashion illustration Friday feature. Those of you that enjoy seeing my art will be happy to hear I have new mixed media collages to share with you. I had the chance to visit Hvar city once again and while I was there I took lots of photographs. I decided to combine photographs of Hvar city with my fashion sketches and illustrations. All of the fashion illustrations used in making of these arty collages are old creations of mine. Some were painted with watercolours, some with markers, some of them are based on runaway looks, other on blogger outfits. Bonus points to those of you who can tell on what designer collections or bloggers these fashion illustrations were based on. Scroll down to see more.  I always liked art, but often I didn't take it seriously or failed to make time for it. I wrote about my art process and my struggles with getting back to art as an adult a couple of times on my blog. So, if you want to read a bit more about