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drawing a drawning...crtanje crteža

  One thing I love about drawing (or painting) is that it makes me look at things like it is the absolutely first time I've seen them. Sometimes it feels like being reborn, this immersing myself into an image, trying to look at it from different perspectives. Often it's not about the things I'm seeing, it's about what the image of them resonates with inside of me. In some ways, art can be quite selfish. It is a feeling, or an experience if you will that I'm searching for...a way for me to explain something to myself, perhaps even a way of making myself play this difficult game of life. What I feel when I look at it, but even more what I felt while making it....that is the only thing that matters to me. Jedna stvar koju volim kod crtanja (ili slikanja) je što me navodi da gledam stvari kao da je to zaista prvi put da ih vidim. Ponekad je to kao ponovno rađanje, to uranjanje sebe unutar slike, pokušaj sagledavanja iste iz v