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My fashion illustration of the day (minimalism)/ Moja modna ilustracija dana (minimalizam)

my fashion illustration/ moja modna ilustracija Today I'm sharing with you my fashion illustration. The medium is pencil and watercolour on paper. I already shared this illustration on my instagram but here you can see it in better quality. This illustrated outfit is quite minimalistic. It consists of a pair of pants, a shirt, a pair of sandals with high heels and a simple bag.. The only accessory is a necklace.  It is an outfit very appropriate for Spring. As much as I love colour, often I feel drawn to minimalism. More often than not, I feel  very inspired by  minimalist and basic outfits, even if I don't wear them often myself. I think the best thing about fashion is that we can find so many different styles we can admired and be inspired by. Even if some style isn't our cup of tea, we can still be inspired by it. Isn't that really lovely? Danas s vama dijelim svoju modnu ilustraciju. Medij je olovka i vodene boje na papiru. Već sam ovu ilustra