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Today I'm sharing two 'fashion blogger off duty outfits' with you. This is the kind of outfits I wear when I go hiking: comfy and warm. Furthermore, I'm going to show you more views of Jelsa village, taken from both sides of the bay this little port village is situated in. The nature surrounding Jelsa is truly beautiful. Following the coastal pathways, you can hike both left and right to discover enchanting bays and untouched nature. You can also hike the green hills this island has to over. Hvar is also known as the green island. It is covered in pine tree forest so walking here will do wonders for your lungs. You know I'm a bit believer in benefits of hiking and s pending time outdoors . Weekends are perfect for going  for a long walk. It is always good to be proactive about our health. WHAT TO SEE AND DO IN JELSA?   EN As you can see, Jelsa is a beautiful little place. What to see in Jelsa? There are certainly quite a few beautiful and historical att