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Hello and welcome to the twenty-third post in TRAVEL WITH MY ART category. I'm really excited to share this acrylic painting with you because I have worked on it for such a long time. So, what was the inspiration behind this painting? Where are we travelling today? Once again I'm taking you to Zavala on island Hvar. We visited this place a few time on my blog but when a place is this magical you want to return to it. As you (regular readers) know, I absolutely love island Hvar. Not only do I have roots there, but I have spent a considerable  amount of time on this magical island. Most of my summers really, not to mention the fact that I worked and lived on island Hvar full time from October 2019 to November 2019.  Back in March, I started a new regular art feature on my blog with the goal of sharing my paintings and illustrations of different places. I named it 'Travel with my Art' because I use it to share paintings depicting different destinations. So far, I have pain