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colour coordinated (with my dog) / usklađenih boja (sa mojim psom)

So my puppy is not exactly bag friendly, (I couldn't possibly carry her in my bag the way legally blond does because my doggie weights a pretty sum) but I'm not exactly a fashionista or Paris Hilton's look alike, so we make a good couple anyhow...and this time we're both dressed up and all elegant in black and brown. She has a lovely new collar and a leash that make her look all grown up (isn't she getting enormous? even the vet says so) and I (besides matching her colours) have a leather bag that resembles her leash...and I must say, taking photos with her was so much fun! Dobro moja vučka baš i ne stane u neku šminkersku torbu kao onaj mališa u Plavuši sa Havarda (sama pomisao je smiješna, još malo pa će me dostići po težini), ali nisam ni ja neka hiltonica tako da si skroz dobro odgovaramo. Što mi se toliko sviđa kod ove odjevne kombinacije je da smo savršene usklađene što se tiče boja, oboje u crnom sa malo bež i smeđe. Ona ima novu kožnu ogrlicu

DIY tee/ dorađena majica

This DIY tee you had a chance of seeing before. I bought it in one store and I decided to cover up the logo with beads...maybe because I hate logos? I wouldn't go that far, but I will say that I don't want to be a walking commercial. Let's get back to the beads...I just sewed them in, I don't like to glue things because that in my experience always ends up looking messy (or I'm just clumsy). I've had this tee for years so I can say that the classical method (just sewing beads on shirts, tee-s, etc)works for me. Have you ever attempted a similar DIY? What are your experiences? Now, about the location in case anyone is interested...You had the chance of seeing it before as well. This is a hill near Mostar and you can actually see the airport Mostar behind me in the second photograph. Ovu majicu ste imali prilike vidjeti prije. Ušila sam na nju perlicu kako bi prekrila logo (jer ne želim biti hodajuća reklama). Imam je već godinama, perl