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DIY shoe makeover/ uradi sam preobrazba cipela

Hi lovelies! How is your day? Mine was off to a rather bad start (I woke up with a fever and things were rather downhill from there, I forgot to copy the today's lesson on my USB and I didn't figure it out until I came to the copy shop so I had to run back home to get and I mean literally sprint while people stared at me in bewilderment probably wondering why is this woman running like crazy? Good news is that now I know I can run 3km under 10 minutes. Naturally while I was coming home from school it was raining and I had to drag heavy grocery bags because I have promised to bake a cake for a wedding... ) but I do hope things will improve and that my day won't end in a disaster or something. Onto brighter topics... Today I have prepared a rather simple DIY for you. 
What happens when you like a pair of shoes? You wear them a lot obviously! What happens when you wear a pair of shoes often? They get worn out, especially if you walk for miles daily like myself.
 I've dec…

Illustrations and sketches / Ilustracije i skice

I've been doing a lot of sketching and drawing recently but I haven't completed a single painting. Oil paints and canvases will just have to wait until I can have several hours of leisure at my disposal. 
Puno skiciram i crtuckam u zadnje vrijeme, ali nisam dovršila nijednu sliku. Uljane boje i platna će jednostavno morati pričekati dok ne budem mogla spojiti nekoliko sati u komadu da se toga uhvatim.

Fav outfits of the week/ Najdraže odjevne kombinacije tjedna

Sunday...I've got up quite early and managed to done most of things I've planned for this Sunday so that makes me feel pretty good. I'm learning how to be more organized and handle things without stressing myself (too much). Sunday is also a time for my weekly fashion crushes i.e outfits that have caught my attention....a post that I always really look forward to.
Nedjelja...digla sam se poprilično rano i obavula većinu stvari koje sam planirala za danas tako da se sada osjećam poprilično dobro. Učim se boljoj organiziranosti i obavljaju stvari bez da se izludim (previše). Nedjelja je, a to je i vrijeme za odjevne kombinacije koje su mi se jako kojem se uvijek jako veselim.

Share-in-Style: Accessories

I wasn't sure if I will be able to join in Share-in-Style organized by lovely Sacramento, but then suddenly about 5 pm it stopped raining and the sun appeared. So, here I am...the theme is accessories  and up to now there have been about 30 participants. Why don't you join in as well?

Today I have opted for a bit of a bohemian look (everything is over-sized, the flare jeans, the blouse and the cardi) and I'm wearing a necklace that I have made myself recently. As I am wearing two necklaces, you might have hard time telling which one is DIY? ....or would you? Do you recognize my style? What do you think which one is my creation, the blue or the black one?

Nisam bila sigurna hoću li se moći pridružiti zajedničnom događaju pod nazivom share-in-style kojeg organizira divna Sacramento, ali je iznenada zasjalo sunce i prestala kiša pa sam uspjela uslikati pomalo bohemsku odjevnu kombinaciju za ovotjednu temu modni dodaci.  Do sada se priključilo tridesetak blogerica, pa zašto ne …

Garlic bread /Kruh sa češnjakom

Garlic is one of my favourite spices so to bake some garlic bread made sense. I guess what I like about cooking so much is that unlike in life, nine times out of ten you'll going to be successful. Sure you'll burn something occasionally but almost always it's a win win situation. You prepare the food and the enjoy eating it. Life on the other hand feels more like nine failures out of ten than the other way around. Do you enjoy preparing food? Have you tried baking garlic bread?

Češnjak mi je jedan od najdražih začina tako da je pečenje kruha sa češnjakom bilo logično. Valjda je postotak uspješnosti ono što volim kod kuhanja, ponekad se nešto zagori istina, ali većinu puta, sigurno devet od deset, to je dobitna kombinacija, kuhate i uživate u hrani. Život naprotiv čini mi se ima  omjer više nešto kao devet propalih pokušaja, jedan uspješni. Je li vi uživate u pripremi hrane? Jeste li pokušali peći kruh sa češnjakom?

What say you? (sketches) / Što vi kažete (skice)?