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How To Find an Ideal Floral Dress For Yourself? (Zaful Wish List )

What are the clothing items that you associate with summer? In my case, it's printed dresses. Printed dresses are definitely my 'go to' outfit in summer. You just throw them on and you're ready to go. Printed dresses are quite easy to style. Moreover, with these kind of dresses, often the 'less is more' rule applies. Meaning that accessories are optional because the print creates enough visual interest on its own.  Naturally, you can wear all the accessories with them that you want, but it is entirely your personal choice. Sometimes it is refreshing not to overthink the accessories, isn't it? I love the fact that there are so many different floral prints trending right now. From vintage floral print to bold floral prints, there is a floral print for everyone this summer. It's all about finding the one you like the most. Speaking of which, today I prepared a little guide for finding an ideal floral dress with a selection of dresses from Zaful .  1

Inspired by....Fashionably Idu, Tijana Abejita and Jointy & Croissanty

The best thing about blogging, for me, is finding so many inspiring women. Women that are beautiful inside & out. That is how my Inspired by feature was born. As someone who blogs and creates art on daily basis, it seemed only natural to create a feature in which I would publish my illustrations of bloggers who inspire me. It is a sort of a blog recommendation, only a bit more personal. I typically publish my Inspired by feature monthly. Last month some unexpected events took me out of the country and messed up with my blogging schedule a little. I know that not being able to blog  for 3 days is not the end of the world, but I keep a tight blogging schedule so when sometimes like that happens, it can cause me to miss out on a regular feature. Anyhow, to make up for not being able to publish my Inspired by f eature last month, I prepared not one but three illustrations for you today!!! I'm really excited about sharing these ones with you.  Today I illustrated bloggers