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Happy Friday! It's time for another FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY here on this little digital place to call my own. How are you doing lovely people? Are you glad it's Friday? I certainly am. This Friday I'll share some new sketches with you. Nothing fancy, just some pencil sketches.  I'm more focused on landscape paintings these days, but I always sneak in some time to practice portraits or sketch an outfit or two. If I had to describe my fashion illustration style, I would probably have a hard time doing so. I'm always experimenting and learning new things. I often experiment with different medias when it comes to fashion illustration. Moreover, I illustrate different things and subjects. From runaway looks to outfits worn by bloggers or friends , from editorials to outfits I wore myself, from my own designs to designer looks. I'm always changing things up and trying to express my creative energy.  a I sketched these drawings in a few minutes. There are some port