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DIY necklace (outfit post)---- ogrlica koju sam izradila ( i jedna odjevna kombinacija)

hat: no name, dress: no name, necklace: DIY, bag: borsa, bracelets: avon, shoes:peko I hope you like the necklace because I made it myself. Nadam se da vam se sviđa ogrlica jer sam je sama izradila

Bellissima new collection for autumn-winter / Bellissima nova kolekcija za jesen i zimu

Today I'm going to talk about one brand again. Bellissima is a brand from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I would describe their clothes as being very feminine, elegant and sophisticated.  Being already available in stores, today I had the chance to check out the new Bellissima collection for autumn/ winter 2013/2014. As far as I noticed, this brand always had really good quality clothes, and this collection is no different. I still haven't bought anything, I really am not  impulsive when it comes to shopping, I always prefer to think first and shop later so I can be sure that what I have bought with work well with other stuff I have. What I really like about their clothes are the materials and the sewing...I like when the sewing is precise, (I've noticed that in many high street brands it tends to be a bit messy.) I know you cannot have something for nothing, but I'm really annoyed when I see bad stitching. Bellissima, on the other hand, is not that expensive (prices simi