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Hello dear readers! Thank you for your sweet comments. I am feeling a bit better today, I found some pain killers that helped somewhat. Today I will share six outfits with you that I wore during our stay in a medical facility in Ilidza, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am currently in Croatia, but before I blog about that I wanted to share these comfortable and casual outfits. Today I will prove that I am more than capable of  ditching heels in favour of sneakers and orthopedic sandals, at least occasionally.  I love to wear heels but one often needs a more comfortable shoe choice, especially for walks. Just because you shoe options are on comfortable side does not mean you cannot make your outfits stylish and chic. Today we will combine comfort with style.  We will start with three outfits featuring a grey dress of mine. I have worn this dress quite a few times, but I am still shy of the recommended ecological thirty wears. I-m getting close, though. In this old post, you can see  13 ways to