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Who doesn't like polka dots? / Tko ne voli točkice?

Who doesn't like polka dots? I've decided to go for white nails, but somehow they looked boring so I added some red dots...and I didn't stop at that, so now my nails look  a bit like candy, gotta love that... I hardly ever write about cosmetics, so let's get to that...I've tried applying false lashes, but I think I might need some help. Any tips? The fist ones I got from Maybeline and they were fine but in the end I've cut them in two because that way it looks more natural and it easier to put them on...these ones (you can see them in the pics) I have  problems with (forgot the brand, I'm hopeless I know) so I think I might do the same. They are just too short for my eyes. Anyhow, I let you know what happens with my false eyelashes dilemma...if anything happens at all. I sometimes go days without applying any make up what so ever...but still I do love to read about beauty products, so I might do some post about that myself. What do you think?