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Time for another art update. Lately, my life has been pretty much revolving around art. I'm very focused on improving my art skills right now. I have been working hard on making new art and illustrations. Sometimes it seems that it is all I do. When I'm not working on my art, I'm either studying new art techniques or researching the market. My efforts were not without result, though. Today I'll share with you six new watercolour portraits.  The medium for all of them is watercolour pencils on mixed media paper (from one of my sketchbooks). These portraits are mostly a product of my imagination. I did use some of my own photographs as references just so that I can challenge myself to paint a face from different angles but none of them are actual self-portraits (or at least not intended as such).  Most of these watercolour portraits are already in my redbubble shop and those that aren't there yet, will be added asap. Today's post is only in English, sorry. I feel