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Fashion illustrations of the day (red, red, red) / Modne ilustracije dana (crvena, crvena, crvena)

Nothing is easy. Just about anything worthwhile doing takes time and effort if you want to get it right. Even something as seemingly simple as a fashion illustration. If you feel like you can do something better if you only push yourself harder, then why not push yourself harder? In the end, we should be the ones who know ourselves best. We should learn when it is time to push ourselves harder and when it is time to take it easy. One thing that I’m certain of is that you can’t improve your skills unless you work on them.  Whatever that set of skills may be, the old ‘no pain, no gain’ applies.  Not that you literally need to be in pain to get something right. In fact, this year I suffered a hand injury because I failed to inform myself about the danger of drawing too much without stop. Supposedly, some artists ruin their hands for good this way. It is because painting and drawing takes so much concentration that most people tend to override the feeling of pain.  So,