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Time for another edition of  Travel with My Art.   The reason why I decided to start this feature on my blog was to give people an opportunity to travel with my art. Sure, we can travel digitally with photographs and videos, but there is something special about seeing a painting of a place and knowing that it was painted or illustrated. Every art medium brings something special to the game and gives us another opportunity to try to capture what we feel with our soul. As much as I appreciate, love and respect photography as an art form, I think that I will always be more a painter than a photographer. I shared a lot of my photograph (as well as those of my husband) on this blog, but I also share a lot of my art.   I illustrated different places and locations in the past, but something about this pandemic and the inability (of most people) to travel made me realize that perhaps I should dig into it a bit more. So far, I have illustrated mostly places and locations that I have visited mys