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What I wore to a wedding....Što sam nosila na vjenčanju....

Do you like weddings? I certainly do, for me weddings are a celebration of love. What is more beautiful than that? However, sometimes when I have as much as four of them in one month (that is one every weekend), it can get a bit tiring. Fortunately, this month I only had to attend two weddings and this last one was a blast. I had a jolly good time. The weather was absolutely perfect. I finally got the chance to wear my most uncomfortable pair of heels. As soon as I saw them in the store, I knew these heels were no good. Walking in them is paintful, dancing in them is a feat, but I must admit they look absolutely fabulous. Maybe just maybe I will wear them again despite the pain factor. Who can understand us women? I must admit that I often don't understand myself. Nevetheless, it is better to love bad shoes than bad boys. It is easier to heel  sore feet than a broken heart.  Do you agree? Volite li vjenčanja? Ja ih volim, za mene su ona slavlja ljubavi, a što je ljepše od toga