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Fashion illustration of the day (Flares) / Modna ilustracija dana (Zvone)...21.11.2016

You already had the chance to see this fashion illustration on my Instagram  profile here. This morning I decided to add some finishing touches with a marker. After outlining the jacket on the illustration with a purple maker, I used brush and water to soften the lines a little so that it would match the medium, that is watercolour. I even prepared a little YouTube video to show you how I have done it. Do you prefer the original watercolour illustration or the new one? Let me know in your comments.Now, about the illustration itself. I've always been a big fan of flares, even since I was a teenager and I'm pretty sure they will always be my number one choice. What can I say? I just love everything about them. 
Već ste imali priliku vidjeti ovu modnu ilustraciju na mom instagram profilu ovdje. Jutros sam odlučila još je malo doraditi markerom. Nakon što sam ocrtala crte na jakni na ilustraciji s ljubičastim markerom, koristila sam kist i vodu da malo omekšam crte kako bi se uko…