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How To Style Bermuda Shorts In a Dressed Up Way? Outfit Proposal.

Today I'm sharing with you a predominately grey styling. I think that grey is such an underestimated colour. Lately I've been wearing it more often. It is very easy to style and besides light shades of grey can be so perfect for spring. As much as I love colour & crazy prints, sometimes I feel like wearing something a bit toned down. Back to the subject of this post and that is styling bermuda shorts. When it comes to shorts, I always go for a longer lengths because it feels more comfortable and practical. In addition, a longer length of shorts is appropriate for all kind of occasions. You can even pair longer shorts with a blazer to get a more formal look. When you add tights into the mix, you get a work appropriate outfit. The answer to my question of the day- How to style Bermuda shorts in a dressed up way is: wear them with tights and heels. If you're going for a dressed up look, a nice shirt or a blouse is always welcome. You can also throw a blazer over it. A