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Sportski stil / Sporty style

I think I may have a slight addiction to patterns. Tartan, stripes, animal and flower print...I just can't get enough. I experiment with minimalist style occassionaly, but I always come back to prints and patterns, colours and contrasts. I guess we all have something we really like when it comes to clothes, style  and fashion. There is always that something we can never get tired of.  For example, for me it is turtlenecks and statement necklaces. I seem to always pair them together. Do you have any fashion addictions? I wore this sporty outfit on one very sunny winter day, so sunny that I was in fact blinded by the sun, as you can see in this photographs. This is not the first time I paired this jacket with this skirt. Interesting how an outfit can be changed with a choice of footware. Sneakers transform any outfit into a casual and sporty one. With heels, this outfit would look completely different, right? Mislim da sam pomalo ovisna o uzorcima. Karirano, pruge, životinjski i