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Illustration of the day ( A Message ) / Ilustracija dana (Poruka)

This drawing was inspired by one famous old oil painting. That oil painting depicts a woman sitting behind a desk and writing a letter. It struck me that a modern scene would be slightly different. A contemporary woman wouldn't be doing that, she wouldn’t be writing a message on a paper (not as a main means of communication anywhere, albeit she might write a letter if she wanted to leave something tangible in the hands of the recipient of the message). Instead a modern woman would be writing a message on a cell phone (probably smartphone, everyone’s got one at this point) or an iPhone. She might still be surrounded by books, especially if she prefers to shy away from e-books (like myself although I can’t deny that they are sometimes more practical) and prefers to hold a book while reading it. However, what would truly be different? She might still pause to think and gaze into distance. What is she thinking about? Is she writing to a lover or a friend? To a family friend or t