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The heart of a woman (an outfit post and a book recommendation / Srce žene (odjevna objava i preporuka knjige)

  The Heart of a Woman   is a memoir by Maya Angelou. The events she describes in this book take place between 1957 and 1962 and in that sense this book is a continuation of her previous memoirs.  I do admire her courage when it comes to blending literature with autobiography. It is not an easy task and only a few have really gotten away with it. To narrate one's life, any period of it, in such an intimate way demands great courage, but turning that narration into a literature takes a kind of discipline and self restraint only great writers have, thought people generally don't realize how hard writing on this level really is. Years ago, I found a quote by Maya that really moved me but instead of looking her up immediately, I decided to wait. My intuition told me that a book by her will arrive at the perfect moment. Having read doctor Martin Luther King's autobiography earlier this year put many events in context. However, this memoir is much more than a sum of events, it i