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VENERA STOJAN, ŠKATULE I BATULE (Book review and recommendation)

 Hello! In this post, I'll take you back to Split city to share a book review and an outfit post. I'll review a book that made be both cry and laugh. You could say I believe in fate. Never has fate seemed more obvious to me than when it comes to books. So many times in my life has a book arrived at the right time! Every time that happened, I would wonder: 'What are the odds of that?'  There's a whole story behind how I bought this  book, and I will share a more detailed account soon. Until then, I'll give you a short version. I googled events in Split city and saw there was a promotion at Split city library. I have to say this was the best book promotion I have ever attended for a number of reasons. I'll get back to them as I don't have time to go in detail right now. I'm literally typing this on my cellphone, sitting in a café in Split city. What kind of novel is this? Written in Dalmatian dialect, an autobiographical novel by Croatian author Venera