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etno selo u izgradnju i jedna stilizacija/ ethno village: under construction+ outfit post

Today I have something special to show you. Yesterday we went to Međugorje ( in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and decided to stop by in ethno village near by. I have already showed you photographs from one ethno village Herceg. This one is within a walking distance from that one, but is still under construction. I'm amazed by the design and the architecture of this place. You feel as if you have walked into a hundred years old village. I cannot wait to see it completed. As a true Dalmatian (not a breed of dog obviously, but someone from the region Dalmatia), I'm obsessed with anything constructed from stone. Photos from Međugorje will have to wait, I want to share with you this place first as you probably haven't had the chance to see it. Danas sa vama lipi moji, želim podijeliti fotografije iz etno sela u blizini Međugorje koje je još uvijek u izgradnji. Nalazi se blizu etno sela Herceg, zapravo iz ovog sela možete vidjeti i to drugo, a i prošetati do njega. Oduševljena sam