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DIY necklace/ ogrlica koju sam izradila

There is a whole story behind this DIY. I've originally bought this anklet (they are also called ankle bracelets or ankle chains) when my nephew was about one year old for the purpose of being able to cook and watch over him at the same time (You know how little kids are). The anklet served its purpose and by the sound little bells made I knew where he was at any moment.  Perhaps I should have been born in India because I've always loved jewelry with bells or really any jewelry that has a sound to it as well, for example that sound that bracelets sometimes make (if you wear enough of them that is). Anklets in general always remind me on that episode with baby Krishna where is probably where I got the idea in the first place. ( Naturally I'm a complete geek and I have probably read most of the religious texts there are. ) Anyhow, anklet having fulfilled his purpose I've decided to turn it into a necklace with a bit of beads and wire. Pretty simple process, to