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Bijeli brijeg (outfit post/ odjevna kombinacija)

Hello! How are you? Have you gotten a good night sleep? Are you enjoying the weekend yet? Do you have any plans for this evening? This outfit is actually from last year. However, the gloomy weather you can see in these photographs is right on point as it is exactly the kind of weather we have right now (I arrived to Mostar late last night). Fortunately, Mostar is one of those cities that are handsome even when the weather is nothing short of ghastly. Moreover, despite the fact that this outfit is from last year, it is something I could have easily worn today as it is warm enough to opt for a short jacket. You may notice that I'm holding a novel in my hand. In case anyone is wondering what novel it is, I will say it is   The Amulet of Samarkand,  written by Jonathan Strout. It is the first novel in Bartimaeus thrilogy.  I only read this first one, but as I really enjoyed reading it, I'm planning to read the sequels as well. I must say that the fact this novel is considered a