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OOTD...danas sam nosila...

Finally one outfit of the day post. It had been sunny and cold day today, so cold in fact that it is hard to remember that technically speaking it is still autumn and winter officially starts in two weeks. Autumn or winter, I favour pretty much the same things as the last year...Long coats I have always loved and that is probably what I most look forward about winter. I really like how flare jeans and long coats look together (almost as much as I like how flare jeans and pointy shoes look together). Leather and fur plus beanies are just my way of keeping warm, I would probably wear all of these even if they were not the it items. Red and black had been my colour choice for the day. Something about this outfit reminded me bit of the 70ties but I'm not quite sure what it is...Finally, what is most important to me---I really was warm enough to enjoy this beautiful autumn day. Danas sam nosila ono što inače volim nositi kada malo zazimi, a to su dugi kaputi i zvo

Neretva (fotografija/ photography)

  Can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this walk by the river (cold as it was). The fact that you can see landscape like this in urban setting (i.e. Mostar city), always fascinated me. On other note, I ended up pretty disappointed once I had transferred the photographs from my cam to laptop. The colours were not what I have hoped they would be nor have I managed to capture the magic of the winter sunset. Obviously I still have a lot to learn about photography. Only the photographs of the river (i.e. Neretva) were what I wanted them to be, but I'm sharing only a few, because really I have taken so much of them on this little walk. Ne mogu vam reći koliko sam uživala u ovoj šetnji uz Neretvu, koliko god da je bilo hladno. Uvijek me zadivljuje ovaj pogled na divnu prirodu praktički u gradu. Sa druge strane, bila sam razočarana kada sam prebacila fotografije sa fotoaparata na laptop. Boje nisu ispale onakvima kakvima sam se nadala da bi mogle ispasti i