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Moje modne ilustracije / My fashion illustrations

Some of these illustrations (but not all) you already had the chance of seeing on my instagram profile @modaodaradosti ( here ).  Since I took these photographs with my camera and not my cellphone they should , at least in theory, be of better quality than those on my insta (that I have  been using via my cell so far). Not that I have to justify myself for posting my own art. If anyone is wondering, all of these are painted with watercolours of the cheapest kind. Financing your own creativity can be a pain in the ass. Another thing that sucks about painting is how draining it can be. Well, I always tell myself I can afford this one vice. Speaking of painting, I often get asked how long  have I been doing fashion illustration. The answer is ever since I can remember.  Neke od ovih ilustracija (ali ne sve) već ste mogli vidjeti na mome instagram profilu @modaodaradosti ( here ).  S obzirom da vam ovo slikala fotoaparatom, a ne mojim mobitelom, ove bi fotografije , barem u teorij