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Today I'm sharing some quick mini portraits. I made quite a few of these in the past week. I like to work on these mini portraits to keep in 'portrait art' shape while I work on landscape paintings. I often sketch these portraits in my smaller sketchbooks or I just sketch many small ones (on the same page) in my larger sketchbook. You had a change of seeing some of these mini portraits in my last post (the focus was on crepe eggs, but if you remember I included some mini portraits as well). Sometimes I also like to thrown in elements from my other illustrations, for example borrow roses from another painting I did. It saves me time not having to paint the roses every time. It also works well with placing these illustrations of products.  I think it makes these portraits look more pattern appropriate when I use them to create patterns for my Redbubble shop. I'm also worried that if I just uploaded  these mini portraits without these floral additions or a background of s