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Cropped chic / Kratko i slatko....Goranci ( BIH).....odjevna kombinacija i preporuka knjige / outfit post and book recommendation

Here we are again. In a charming little village called Goranci (gora means hill in slavic languages). Do you like country side? If you do, you'll live this little place called in hills near Mostar. I posted about Goranci previously on my blog here , here , here , here and here . Now we're here once again. I'm sitting in a restaurant with the same name (Goranci) and reading a book that could be literally translated as 'Who is afraid of character?'. The book was quite interesting to read  and I found the idea behind it very original. You see, this novel is written as a series of exam notes. The notes are about various famous characters in Croatian literature, who are in this way given an opportunity to speak for themselves. Who wrote the notes? That would be the main character in this book, the protagonist, a bright woman who never graduated literature because her approach to studying literature was in conflict with those of her professors. I appreciated the subtle