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 Hello. I'm back with a book review and an outfit post. Maybe you noticed that I've been a bit absent lately. The main reason for my absence is (not surprisingly) health problems. I've also been busy with a short term job I couldn't say no to so that kept me away from this blog as well. You could say that I'm meeting the holiday season fairly exhausted, but still in a relatively good mood.   In this post I will share with you two denim outfits and one book review. I wore these two denim outfits a few weeks ago for a stroll in Mostar city. Both of these outfits feature a pair of blue flared jeans. I don't really wear jeans that often, but sometimes I do reach for them. Plus, my significant other likes when I wear them.  My first outfit is all about two tonalities: camel and denim blue. I think these two colours work well together. It felt good to wear this! Plus, it was a sunny day and I was in a good mood. I love sunny autumn and winter days.  Zdravo. Vratila sa